Finally, a mesh network technology that is scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

Advantages of mesh network

Mesh Networks offer several key advantages over traditional star-shaped networks, like WiFi. Each mesh network node only communicates with its neighbors, instead of directly communicating with a central access point. Because of this, mesh networks can form larger networks that adapt easily to the environment. The furtherest node does not have to communicate with the access point, as its neighbors can help to relay the messages. A mesh network is more energy efficient, as each node only needs to talk to its neighbors. It is also more reliable, as messages could travel down multiple paths.

Mesh Network vs Star Shaped Networks

X-Mesh's advantage over most mesh networks

Most mesh network technologies on the market suffer from several drawbacks. They cannot scale easily. Mesh network protocols from leading suppliers have limitations at around 30 nodes per mesh, or two to three hops of data. Beyond that, the networks become increasingly unstable. You also start to lose data packets with exponential likelihood. To overcome this issue, businesses use very complicated architectures that become increasingly hard to manage.

We at Smart X Lab has made technology breakthroughs that enable us to achieve the following feats. The promises of a true mesh network has finally been achieved.

10 x More Scalable

Field-tested in networks with more than 200 nodes, in extreme environments with severely noisy channels.

X-Mesh™ experienced minimal degradation. In contrast, comparable technologies experienced bottlenecks at 20~40 nodes.

100 x Easier To Deploy

Plug-&-Play. Zero configuration required in the field.

Network with 100 nodes takes 5 seconds to connect. Turn them on, and they just work. In contrast, complex multi-tier architecture and multiple steps are required for comparable technologies. They can take more than 10 minutes to start-up.

10 x More Reliable

More than 99% reliable in even extremely unfavorable environments.

In testing, comparable technologies experience 20~30% end-to-end packet loss. Coupled with a mesh architecture, X-Mesh™ offers the most reliable communication infrastructure for your sensor network needs.

X-Mesh vs Other Mesh Networks

Our technology is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, operates on standards compliant hardware, and is extremely price competitive. Interested?

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