An end-to-end, plug-and-play, all-you-need, Internet-of-Things platform.

Internet-of-Things made easy

X-Mesh™ is our scalable, plug-&-play, and reliable mesh network technology. Using X-Mesh™, we have developed a turn-key, plug-and-play platform for large scale IoT. This system has been used to deploy internet-of-things projects with stunning success and simplicity. You can also enjoy the benefits of this system by simply connecting our modules to your devices.

Mesh Network vs Star Shaped Networks

What is Internet of Things?

By 2020, the number of electronic devices in the world will exceed 50 billion. Yet, today, more than 85% of deployed systems are unconnected, and do not share data with each other or the cloud. New devices are being added every day. It is a great opportunity for you. But what does IoT mean?

Intelligent Devices

IoT means making devices smarter, by connecting them online to acquire and process data. However, the last mile of connectivity is difficult without a scalable solution. Luckily, X-Mesh™ represents a scalable sensor network solution that brings intelligence to the edge.

Systems of Systems

IoT creates new usage models by connecting legacy and/or new systems together. IoT liberates data, enabling new usage & business models. X-Mesh™ is a wireless mesh network architecture, offering maximum flexibility for your brownfield projects.

Actionable Insights

IoT generates big data. Smart X Lab offers intelligent analytics solutions built on our mesh network. We use cloud-based machine learning algorithms to find the gold needle in your haystack of data.

What does an IoT system involve?



To make devices “smarter”, we have developed a wireless communication module. When installed in devices, each device can form a X-Mesh™ network with their neighbors. The module contains a micro-controller, a radio frequency chip, and an antenna. Data is encrypted starting from the modules, all the way to the cloud, and back.



Sensors collect information about the environment. Actuators move to change the environment. Collectively, we call them “devices”. Devices have connectivity built in. We offer a wide range of devices to achieve unique applications such as indoor positioning and industrial monitoring. We also actively work with device makers to enable their devices to take advantage of our massive IoT system.



Gateway connects X-Mesh™ network to the internet. We offer multiple versions of gateways. We have a highly affordable consumer gateway, running on Mediatek's latest chip offerings. We also offer an industrial grade gateway with high reliability and wide operating conditions, running on Intel's powerful silicons. Whatever your working requirements are, we have it covered.



Our cloud based-system is running at, on a reliable cloud by Amazon Web Services. It is a Node.js based system, with an interactive AngularJS management interface. We have open RESTful APIs that you can use to develop your own applications, or simply subscribe to MQTT topics for real time updates on device status and positions. We use Redis in-memory database to take high-frequency heavy workloads, and MongoDB database to handle big data work loads.

We offer a highly scalable Internet-of-Things platform based on our large scale mesh network technology - X-Mesh™. You can also enjoy the benefits of this platform today.

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