500 different instruments, measuring 169 different physical properties, wirelessly.

Powers of a wireless sensor network

Smart X Lab works with a leading industrial instrument maker in Taiwan, who provided us with access to their extensive range of industrial instruments. With over 30 years of experience, our partner makes over 500 different industrial instruments, measuring over 169 different physical properties. You just need to plug our wireless node into an instrument, you can instantly take measurements wirelessly, online, continuously.

Industrial Sensors

What makes industrial instruments special?

It is easy to buy a sensor. You can order one online for only a few dollars. However, to make precise measurements that you can trust, you need to calibrate the sensors to meet industrial standards. The instruments are then certified by an internationally trusted certifying body. This is what makes an industrial instrument valuable in a challenging environment. You can trust Smart X Lab to deliver values that you trust, from equipment that we trust.

Sensor choices

Here are some of the sensors available.

3 phase rotation tester Data logger LAN cable tester pH meter Sound level meter
Accelerometer Digital Balance LCR meter Photo tachometer Stroboscope
Anemometer Digital Caliper Light meter Power analyzer Thermometer
Barometer Digital scale Manometer Power clamp meter Torque meter
Cable checker Dissolved Oxygen meter Micrometer Pressure meter Torque wrench
Capacitance EMF tester Milliohm meter Pressure Transducer Transmitters
Capacitance meter Force gauge Moisture meter Proximity sensor UV light meter
Car tester Frequency counter Multimeter Radiation meter Vacuum meter
Clamp meter GSM controller ORP meter RCCB tester Vibration meter
Color analyzer Inductance decade box Panel meter Resistance decade box Watt meter
Conductivity meter Infrared Thermometer Pen type tester Salt meter  
Contact tachometer Insulation tester pH electrode Soil pH meter  


Online visualization

Once you plug in your sensor instrument, immediately you can start tracking your measurements online at getsmartx.com. Absolutely zero configuration is required. If you are interested to explore our cloud service, please contact us to request for a trial account.

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