Improving quality of life for seniors through an invisible blanket of protection.


Introducing Sprout, the most thoughtful senior care system in the world.

Reduce caregiver workload with Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Coming soon in June 2017.

Looking after an older person can be chaotic. Sprout is a tool for you and your team to easily organize a daily log for seniors under your care. Sprout collects senior health and activity data from automatic IoT devices or manual entry, and analyzes the data with advanced AI to provide warnings when it spots alarming trends or abnormalities. Just like an observant assistant, Sprout helps you to save time and provide better care.

Sprout offers different advantages for care at home and in a facility.

Cuts chaos


Best practice

Sprout is inspired by a best practice in Japan: keeping a daily log of the health signs and activities of seniors. It helps with monitoring and communication among family and multiple caregivers.

Modern user interface

An intuitive user interface designed for care. A Dashboard for a better overview of the status of seniors under care.


We know you are on your feet, a lot. Keep vital information with you, and be informed on the move.

Reduce data entry

IoT sensor data automatically collects activity data on seniors. Artificial intelligence learns and informs actionable insights.

Smarter Home

Sprout comes with home sensors that you can install yourself in your homes.

Plug-and-play safety

Respects privacy

No one likes having a camera watching your every move. Sprout relies on anonymous data from unobtrusive motion sensors to make sure everything is ok.

Easily DIY

Our sensors, available through our website, is plug-and-play. If you would like some help with installation, you can contact our service partners.

Learns to spot danger

Sprout identifies potential risks by learning about your habits. If you usually wake up at 7 AM, but something has prevented you from doing that one morning, Sprout can trigger an alert.

Emergency contacts

You can set up multiple people for Sprout to alert in cases of emergency.

Smart Home

Safer Facility

Sprout provides a blanket of safety for your facility. We scaled the technology for home use, and added in more useful features.

Indoor positioning

Having fun

Lost no more

Using Smart X Lab's Tails™, you can locate anyone carrying our wireless tracker in an X-Mesh environment. We have successfully deployed this in memory care centers to track senior locations.

Reliable coverage

Using Smart X Lab's X-Mesh™, the deployment of Sprout is fast and easy. Our receivers establish their own wireless network, without requiring large antennas, expensive cabling, or WiFi. Device to device, our range is 3 to 30 times that of RFID.

Minimum investment

Smart X Lab's Tails™ indoor location system uses existing sensors to perform. Our receivers are up to a tenth the cost of an RFID receiver. Our system is cloud based; no expensive server required.

Wireless emergency button

Peace of mind

For independent seniors, our wireless emergency button provides a peace of mind that help is at a finger's click away. Our wireless button has built-in Tails™ real time indoor location system.

Faster, & more efficient service

Smart X Lab's Tails™ real time location system ensures that facility staff can go immediately and directly to the person in need. It also saves on resources, as caregivers do not need stop what they are doing, to all go to look for the person in need.

Thoughtful hardware

The wireless emergency button features a large glow-in-the-dark button, is splash proof, and could be carried on the person as a pendant or a key chain. It contains a CR2 battery that would last for over a year, and could be easily bought from most stores.

Mobile node

Smart bed sensor

Seniors sleeping

Vital signs in bed

Smart X Lab uses a cutting edge sensor technology to develop a non-contact Smart Bed Sensor that is capable of detecting pulse, respiration rate. It comes in the form of a thin tape that you just slide under your bed sheet.

Detects motion

The Smart Bed Sensor can be used to detect movements in bed. It can sense whether the person has gotten out of bed, or has changed positions in bed.

Sleep quality

The data can be used to deduce sleep quality and the general well being of the individual.

Large scale solution

Couple the Smart Bed Sensor with X-Mesh™ network system, you can monitor hundreds of beds simultaneously on the Sprout dashboard.

Departure sensors

Has someone left their beds?

Sometimes, the most important signal that the carer of the elderly needs, is whether they have left their beds. Some are so frail that they are not supposed to leave their bed without assistance. Some require close attention to ensure that they have safely returned to bed, lest they have fallen.

Bed and floor sensors

Smart X Lab has integrated a Bed Departure Sensor and a Pressure Sensing Floor Mat into our mesh network nodes. The Bed Departure Sensor is to be placed on top of the mattress, to detect bed departure events. The Floor Mat can be placed next to the bed, to detect if a senior has gotten out of bed.

Bed Departure Sensor

Environment sensors

Seniors in motion

Motion sensors

Smart X Lab has integrated an extensive range of sensors into our X-Mesh™ network. An useful one for making sure that someone is okay is a simple PIR motion sensor. By observing the pattern of movement, we can know if a senior is doing fine - or has stayed unusually long in the rest room - and a carer should visit him immediately.

Other sensors

Other sensors that may be deployed in a senior care environment include air quality (PM 2.5), temperature, and humidity. Caregivers and senior care facility management can use data from these sensors to make sure that the environment inside the senior care facility is of optimal comfort, in every part of the facility.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

We are building an artificial intelligence that could learn. The AI in Sprout will look at all the data that is coming in, and build up mental models in its silicon mind. The model will utilize multiple modes of sensors. After a period of time, a behavior pattern will emerge, and Sprout can easily pick out abnormal behavior.

For example, if Mr Smith usually gets up at 6:30, but hasn't got up at 7:00 today, Sprout may alert his carers to visit him immediately. Or, another example: Mrs Lee goes to the toilet at 2 AM, but has not returned to bed in 30 minutes, while she usually spends only 10 minutes. Sprout may act on that as well.

A well designed AI can alleviate work load from the carers of seniors. Hopefully Sprout can also improve the quality of life of all the seniors under its care.

Seniors in motion

Aging population

Countries worldwide are experiencing rapidly aging populations

  • Japan: 33.0% of the population is above age 60, 25.9% are aged 65 or above, and 12.5% are aged 75 or above. Since 2011, Japan has been experiencing a decline in population.
  • USA: By 2030, one in five will be 65 years old and over.
  • Taiwan: By 2025, one in five will be over 65 years old. Combine that with the lowest birth rate in the world, Taiwan is quickly heading into a situation where there will not be enough resources or young people to look after the elders.

Elderly care is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. This encompasses services such as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and home care. The carergivers in these environments often encounter similar difficulties, which we have used our technology to help.

Having fun

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