A real-time location system that is simply plug-and-play.

Tails Indoor Positioning System Mobile Node

Smart X Lab wireless emergency panic button, also used as a tracking device or mobile node in our Tails™ real time location system.

Tails™ - Real Time Location System

Now you can easily deploy a cloud-based indoor positioning system by using Tails™. Based on Smart X Lab's massive mesh network X-Mesh™, you can easily locate or track personnel and property with our end-to-end solution.

No need for a smart phone

Tails™ uses stationary network anchor nodes to identify the location of mobile nodes. It does not require the use of a smart phone, and each tracker operates on a battery for a long time. It is perfect for tracking personnel and property.

Easy to deploy

Tails™ uses Smart X Lab's zero-configuration mesh network technology. You just need to plug-in stationary anchor nodes, turn them on, and they will form a network, communicate via a gateway to our cloud. Instantly you can use our system to track a mobile node. It works over existing sensor network too.

Flexible high resolution

Tails™ can precisely triangulate a position with a resolution up to centimeters. However, most applications do not require this level of accuracy, and could benefit from our scalable architecture. For example, if you just want to check if a person is in a room, we can do that too at a considerable saving to you.

Comparison of Common Indoor Positioning Technologies

  Smart X Lab Tails™ RFID (passive) WiFi BLE Beacon
Requires smart phone No No Yes Yes
Tracking device costs Low Lowest Highest (smart phone) Highest (smart phone)
Anchor tag/ station costs Low Highest High Lowest
Range (indoor) 30m 5m 50m 30m

Cloud-based Real Time Location System

Tails™ is the first and only technology of its kind. We used a standards based radio communication technology to delivery a real time location system through the cloud. You can easily manage your assets and personnel via our online portal.

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Node-to-node distance 10m
Standard resolution 2m
Equipment required Mobile nodes, stationary nodes, & gateway
Operating costs Monthly, per mobile node system fee

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